Within the frame of  Music festival "Concertino" activities will be arranged International Music competition for young musicians.

                                                              International Music competition ”Rondo”  
                                                                                                       20-22 September, Malmö (Sweden)   
                                                     Organized by ”Art Lyceum” (St. Petersburg, Russia) within the frame of Malmö Music festival "Concertino"

Deadline for application : 15 of July 2019 .

The participation is open for : violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, oboe, piano, vocal, ensemble/orchestra.

The age categories are :  1.  Junior ( up to 9 years old )    2. Category A ( 10-12 years old )  3. Category B ( 13-15 years old )

4. Category C ( 16- 19 years old ) 5. Category D ( from 19 years old )

All participants of the competition will be awarded diplomas and memorabilia / medals .


3 winners will be picked in each category . 1st prize in every category will also receive a cash reward - 200 euros and will participate

in the Final Gala-concert on 22 September in St.Johannes church .

The performance should be no longer than 7 min. totally for Junior , A and B category ;  10 min. totally for C and D category .

Competition Committee and members of Jury:


1. Diana Melnichenko - Director of the Art Lyceum, having the title “Honored Worker of Culture of Russia”.

2. Lyudmila Kostromitina – having the title “Honored Worker of Culture of Russia”. Leader of the competition ”Rondo”, Chairman of the Jury.

3. Olga Priz — piano. Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Musical Society. Associate professor at the Moscow Conservatory.

4.  Larisa Rudakova — vocal. Associate Professor of the Moscow Conservatory, with the title “Honored Artist of Russia”.

5. Irina Chernova — vocal. Director of the “Cultural Center after Elena Obraztsova”( Moscow ) .

Scandinavian representatives :

1. Valeri Likhatchev (Copenhagen, Danmark ) — vocal. Laureate and jury member of many international competitions. Leader of music festival "Chance" in Copenhagen.

2. Svetlana Orlova (Malmö, Sweden) — violin. Laureate of International competitions, leader of Malmö Music festival ”Concertino”.

3. Dinu Serfezi ( Malmö, Sweden ) - viola. A member of "Swedish string quartet" and Malmö Symphony orchestra.A teacher at Malmö Latinskola

4. Claes-Bertil Nilsson ( Malmö, Sweden) - guitar. Deputy Concert manager at Malmö Academy of Music.

5. Elisabeth Melander ( Malmö, Sweden) - vocal. Senior Lecturer in vocals at Malmö Academy of Music.




The international competition “Rondo” has existed for about 10 years.The first time it was held in Stockholm in 2012 and after that in many other places (including Paris and Lübeck).

This competition is made possible with the support of the charity foundation “Harmony” which is a foundation for the support and development of performing arts among children's and youth. The festival is named “Rondo” (circle). The purpose and goals, according to its name, is to gather in the “circle of friends” young musicians from different countries.

This competition arranged in Malmö ( Sweden ) within the frame of International Malmö music festival ”Concertino” for young musicians ( Organizers of festival : Ideell Förening ”Concertino Internazionale and Sensus studieförbund ) .

The competition will be held in Malmö. Final concert : in St.Johannes church on 22 September at 16:00

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